Virtual Ganesha – the Grand Ganesha Festivities in 360°

36ty Solutions has once again come up with an innovative way of showcasing Ganesh Chaturthi festival virtually with Virtual Ganesha. The centuries old Ganesh festival has stood as a symbol of unity and solidarity during difficult times, during India’s Freedom struggle and even later. We wish to spread the message of universal brotherhood and convey the stories & customs behind this age old festival to our audience.

With Virtual Ganesha, we plan to capture the splendid festival of Ganesh Chaturthi through breathtaking 360° panoramas. Our choice of using 360° panoramas for telling the story is to give our audience a virtual presence in Hyderabad, to experience the grand festival in near real way. We intend to showcase details of the customs that are a part of the 10 day festival, right from the day of Ganesh Chaturthi to Nimajjan. The entire exercise needs huge efforts, to coordinate with the Utsav committees across a city with nearly 10 million population, shoot the entire story, document the history and a lot more. We are a 3 member team of story teller-photographer-programmer and we are putting all our efforts to pull off this herculean task in a big way! Our efforts include planning, shooting, production and hosting. Our humble request to support our effort and spread a word about the same.

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