TechSparks 2013 – Hyderabad Facebook Taggable Panorama

TechSparks 2013 facebook taggable panorama

It was a unique experience creating a Facebook Taggable Panorama for TechSparks 2013 – Hyderabad organized by, powered by PanoTag – our social engagement platform for creating mini virtual network of event attendees.

So what made this experience at TechSparks 2013 unique?


  • 36ty Solutions was one of the outreach partners of the Hyderabad Edition of TechSparks 2013
  • The 36ty PanoTag platform was ideal for this event(more on this below)
  • The entire operation(pitching, planning, shoot, process & deploy) was done in record time!

Click on the play icon to load the facebook taggable panorama –

PanoTag by 36ty Solutions

We are pretty glad with the results!

  • 90+ Minutes of Shoot
  • 100+ Pictures Clicks
  • 350+ People Captured
  • 1562 Minutes of Processing
  • 187270914 Pixels Panorama created


We will be sharing the stats about how it worked for TechSparks in few days! Keep watching this space!

Check out the Taggable Panorama in action in YourStory

Looking for a Taggable Panorama for your event? Ask for a quote here.

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