ABCD for School Marketing

School Marketing

We are living in the age of Internet, Social Media, Smart Devices etc. An age of browsing, reviewing, comparing where Parents seek for as much as information available and make an informed decision. With many options available in the form of International Schools & Corporate Schools promising a bouquet of offerings, it has become difficult for Parents to choose the best School for their children.

Parents today lead a very hectic life. They do not have much time to visit and explore a number of schools and then choose the best among them. In this age of cut throat competition, it has become very important for the Schools to reach out to their potential customers i.e., Parents and make a long lasting impact on their minds.

So how does a School market themselves in such a scenario?

A – Aspire – Introductory video of school
The first step in reaching out to Parents and creating an impact on their mind is to provide a sneak peak to the Top class infrastructure, modern facilities, lush green environment for an all round development. A great video always has an impact on the viewers’ mind and parents are aspired to know more about the school.

B – Believe – Virtual Walkthrough
People believe what they see. A virtual walkthrough of the activities viz. latest technologies for classroom study, knowledge gained in libraries, experiments in labs, entertainment with music and dance, joy with sports, creativity with art, spending time with nature, thrill with horse riding and many such offerings instills a belief in parents. It opens up the School to be experienced by the global audience with the children being the brand ambassadors.

C – Connect – Video Testimonials
Word of mouth marketing always works. A prospective parent connects emotionally with the experience of an existing parent. There are times when some minute but important offerings are not projected by the School but are conveyed effectively by the parents.

D – Decide – Make a decision
At this stage, Schools have successfully created an impact on Parents’ mind and they are in a better position to make an informed decision.

It’s a simple rule. D comes only after A, B & C. One has to be on their Customer’s mind always, whether you are a newbie or an established brand. With more corporates entering into the education sector, there is no concept of one time marketing or marketing during admissions season. Schools have to reach out to their prospective customers all round the year.

With A, B, C & D in place, you get E – Enrollments.

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