5 reasons your business needs a 360° Panorama… Today!

The E-revolution is HERE and it is here to stay! With the rising penetration of Internet in India it has become imperative to stamp their presence online. Nearly 150-180 million Indians are accessing and searching for stuff online and Metros contribute a lion’s share in this number. People are searching for information regarding everything they need in their day to day lives! Be it to locate the nearest gadgets store to a car service center, the best Italian food joint in town to a Premium Villa, Office Spaces to Employment opportunities, internet has become the top destination for information needs. With the advent of smartphones in past couple of years this has risen dramatically. So what does this have to do with your business having a 360° Panorama?

1) Print is Dead. Period.

With the surge of Internet, print and many conventional media are dying a natural death! The many inherent disabilities of the print media are the advantages of online media. Online is interactive! Online is more up to date! Online is rich media! Online is highly cost effective! Online is Here! All these have nailed the Print Coffin for good.

Print is exorbitantly costly! Yes even for bigger players like you. Ad costs run into lacs in the print space, they are not targetted and you cannot precisely measure the ROI.

2) Trust!

With businesses transforming from Physical space to Virtual space, the BIG question of Trust arises. How can a prospective buyer trust a business without visiting them or seeing them? Yes you can make a phone call, pay a visit and strengthen your trust but there are 1000s of competitors there vying for the ‘Trusted’ spot!

3) Seeing is believing

Adding to the previous point, most buyers(nearly a whopping 80% as per a survey) believe in the age old concept – ‘Seeing is believing’. Nothing adds more confidence to a buyer than seeing your business.

360° Panoramas facilitate the above in the most effective way. Visitors can virtually ‘see’ your business which gives an edge over your competitors in a big way. You may say, ‘Oh yes we have heard all this before, that is the reason we have loads of pictures and videos on our website’. Compare the following and feel free to post a comment below if you differ with our view –

The regular, boring, flat picture –

traditional image vs panorama

The hep & happening 360° Panorama –

So where are the other 2 reasons?

4) Power of Social Media

Oh yes! We have a new media powered by the citizens of the internet. Like it or not, ‘Impatience is the new me’ is the slogan of the internet generation. Attention span is short, even more short for static, boring, archaic web content. Social Space is where people hang out, share and exchange content and 36ty Panoramas take you right there. The interactive and immersive nature of the 360° panoramas grabs the attention of your target audience and delivers the punch you are looking for!

5) If the above 4 reasons are not enough, we have 10 more for you!

No we are not kidding! 36ty Solutions is not a photography firm. We are not an marketing or advertising firm either. We specialize in building tailor made panoramic photography solutions, we are proudly the 1st in India and we will give you 10 more reasons why panoramas are a must have for your business! Interested?

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