We provide high quality 360 Panoramic Photography which takes your prospective customers right to your location and lets them interactively experience the place.

Each tour is not just a visual treat but a complete immersive experience, with ambient sounds, switchable lighting conditions, and a lot more.

To complete the experience we embed necessary widgets such as Google Maps, Floor Plans & Multimedia content, etc. Depending on your needs we can even serve live feeds from Twitter or Youtube videos. We also provide Advanced Customization such as Social Network integration, QR Codes, Augmented Reality, etc., to enhance the reach and improve user interaction. Click here to know more about 36ty Customized Tour Solutions.

This comprehensive package can be served through a variety of platforms from your Desktop, Laptop, Tablets & Smartphones, through the Internet or offline modes, depending on your business needs.

360 Panoramic Photography can capture vividly a wide range of sectors, from Hotels & Hospitality to Education, Real Estate to Events, Tourist Destinations to Pano Journalism, and a lot more. Each tour is a compelling piece of art and technology to woo all kinds of audience.

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Salient Features

  • Pro Fotographers & DSLRs
  • Tailor Made Intuitive Interfaces
  • Interactive Hotspots for Navigation
  • Visually Pleasing HDR Imaging
  • Multimedia Content
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Optional Widgets
  • Standalone iPhone/iPad Apps